Studio 4 is a pioneer in artist training and education as well as a collaborative space for creative work and innovative ventures.

The Meisner Technique
In 1935 Sanford Meisner, one of the founding members of The Group Theatre (along with Stella Adler, Bobby Lewis, Harold Clurman, and Lee Strasberg) developed and refined what is now known as the Meisner Technique, a step-by-step procedure of self-investigation for the actor now globally recognized and among the foremost of modern acting techniques. Meisner believed that the study of the actor’s craft was rooted in acquiring a solid organic acting technique. It was a cornerstone of his teaching that this learning process occur not in a theoretical, abstract manner, but in the practical give-and-take of the classroom

Opportunities with Rabbit Bandini Productions
Studio 4 is the only institution that holds a direct partnership with a major production company.  Students enrolled in classes have opportunity to audition for Rabbit Bandini projects. Since 2014, Studio 4 has cast over 75 students (both NY & LA) in speaking roles for Rabbit Bandini Productions, making them eligible to join the Screen Actor’s Guild. Some of those productions include: The Pretenders, The Disaster Artist, In Dubious Battle, Actors Anonymous, I Am Michael, King Cobra, High School Lover, and the Emmy® nominated web series, Making A Scene with James Franco.

Community, Events, & Student Work
Unlike other acting schools, we encourage students to work and create new projects while they continue their training.  Our multidisciplinary study of acting, writing, and directing allows students to collaborate with both current and alumni students on new artistic ventures.  Additionally, Studio 4 regularly puts on Scene Nights for students within our Two-Year Meisner Conservatory program as well as offering events such as film festivals, play festivals, staged readings, and casting director workshops.

Guidance of Industry Professionals
In addition to our unparalleled faculty of working industry professionals, we occasionally offer classes, seminars and Q&A’s with a variety of industry guests from all corners of entertainment.  Our specialized courses and programs are instructed by professionals that have either studied or taught at some of the most prestigious institutions in the country, including Yale, New York University, USC, CalArts, UCLA, and Columbia University.