8-Week Playwriting Workshop

8-Week Playwriting Workshop


8-Week Playwriting Workshop
Instructor: Gabe McKinley
Cost: $375 for Studio 4 students enrolled in the 2-year Meisner Program (email school for coupon code)
$400 for non-Studio 4 students

Course description:

Studio 4’s playwriting workshop will be dedicated to process. Students will learn to write by writing, that’s the only way to really learn, in my opinion. The primary goal of the course is to encourage students to write quickly, fluidly, and without fear. At the end of the class we plan on having a draft of a one act, or be well on the way to a draft a full length, this will depend on the students ambition.

This course is rooted in character and narrative structure, with emphasis on a traditional play's arc - beginning, turning point, and ending. In class exercises are designed to circumvent students' natural self defense mechanisms, to silence the editor voice, to trust first instincts, and to encourage students to write both visually and concretely. After a session devoted to the ground rules of giving and receiving constructive feedback, work is read in class and the group responds.

What to Expect in Class:

This class is a workshop. Each week we will be reading our work out loud and critiquing it. We will create an atmosphere of trust and respect in order to mitigate this terrifying process. There are no “safe spaces” in art, but I’ll work to have a respectful space to create art.

Students participation in critiquing each other's work is as important as your own written work. You will learn as much from each other's successes and failures as from your own. We will be developing the skills and vocabulary to talk about plays, to recognize structure, story and content problems.

We will start each critique by telling the writer what we like about his or her work. We will follow up with questions: was anything confusing? Was the story line clear? Was the conflict strong enough? Were each character's wants strong enough, etc.


Class Dates: December 5, 12, 19 and January 9, 16, 23, 20 and February 6

Students will receive a Welcome Email 24 hours before the first class.