More than a school…a family

I had the opportunity to go to an event and screening hosted by my school,now in going to this event I had no preconceived ideas that I would end up meeting James Franco, nor having a conversation with him. Yeah he may be the founding father of my school but he's one busy guy.

If I were him I sure wouldn't want to mingle with a slew of people after just getting off a flight. I remember thinking all I wanted to tell him was thank you. Thank you for creating a school that nurtures not only us as actors but as artists as well, it truly is my safe haven. And I told him just that. He said of course, that he was glad to
help. I remember standing there thinking is this really my life? Me? Yes, yes it I in fact am a student at James Franco's acting school. I am having opportunities that I never in my wildest dreams imagined could happen, I may have hoped for them but I couldn't have known all this could happen. All I keep thinking is how favored and blessed I am. To be surrounded with like minded people and have the support of these amazing acting instructors, who have become like family to me.

The best thing I could have done not only for my acting career, but as a person was come out her and enroll in this amazing, one of a kind school. I have seen myself grow and overcome things my brain can't even fathom at times. I am molding and constantly growing into the person I want to be. I didn't come out here to be in "James Franco's" school, I came out here to be a better actor, and to learn and be mentored from the best of the best. I am surrounded by people who for once in my life, understand me and embrace my weird and unique ways. Since coming to this school I have learned that you really NEVER stop learning, it is a lifestyle of learning. James Franco doesn't have to be doing this, he is one of the most successful actors out there, he does this because he wants to. He, along with my instructors have already given me the opportunities
that I would have never gotten had I of not made the move from Texas to Los Angeles to be apart of this school. It is a family, I have seen this since I started from day one. If there is anything I have learned from Studio 4 that I take with me everyday, it's diligence. This craft and this industry is not for the faint of heart, but with the support of my Studio 4 family, and the tools I get each week I go to class, I have no doubt that I am fully capable of going down this road and on this journey. I just felt like writing and sharing how much this school and everyone in it mean to me :) I hope it inspires you all as much as you have inspired me. Live truthfully guys!

Studio4 NYC