Aisha Sho's experience on set!

I had a wonderful experience on the set of Kill the Czar. I mingled with the actors and producers, and was introduced to the world of film through the gateway of Studio 4. Upon arriving to set I was able to view the work of the film production in progress. I learned a ton of new things; however the most interesting thing to me was how the slightest input of the producers and directors can alter the entire notion of a film.

Upon my own acting experience, I was directed by Bruce Thierry Cheung. As I was told, he himself was a former Studio 4 student. The direction he gave me was impeccable; he did not, as many directors do, give a bunch of notes on what should be altered all at once, but instead took matters step by step, making just one modification at a time. This allowed me to acquaint myself with the role and the new direction, which thus enabled the action and emotion to be raw and organic, not contrived.

I honestly loved everyone I met working on the film, however, there will forever be a soft spot in my heart for Bruce Cheung. His critique was gentle, yet concise and to the point, and being that I am a behavioral psychology major, I can certainly appreciate when one’s directions are consistent and clear; this makes it all the more easy for the actress, or subject, to internalize the new direction, thereby making the appropriate adjustments. All in all I can honestly say my experience was amazing, and I cannot wait to work with these inspirational people again.

Studio4 NYC